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 Penguins Class Page

In Penguins’ class we love learning!  We build on our skills from Year 1, develop our independence and learn so many new and exciting things.  We are given the chance to practise our new learning and deepen our understanding by answering thinking questions, investigating and solving problems.  Miss A loves paired talk and partner work to get us sharing good ideas and explaining our thoughts and opinions with a ‘because’ sentence.  We also get the opportunity to work in small groups, on our own choice tables and in table groups.  We focus on the 4 Rs of learning in our classroom and become very resourceful by using manipulatives, word banks and working walls to aid our independent work.  We understand that it’s ok to make mistakes and that they help us to learn and are rewarded for increasing our resilience.  We understand how important it is to work on our next steps and targets to improve our work and really enjoy the opportunity to self-assess.  We develop good proof-reading skills which Miss A gives us plenty of chance to show off when she makes mistakes in her writing on the board.  We work really hard, enjoy sharing our successes and have lots of fun.

Penguins Curriculum Map can be downloaded here.

Penguins -Topic Plan - How Can I  Help Ay Home can be downloaded here.

Penguins - Spring Plan for parents can be downloaded here.