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 Zebras Class Page

In Zebras class, it is ok to make mistakes. In fact, we get very excited by mistakes because that is how we learn. We encourage them! If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not trying anything new. In Year 4, we are all about trying new things! Learning isn’t easy but we will always listen and help you. However, it’s important that you help yourself and take responsibility for the choices you make.

We encourage independence in your learning by using our 4 R’s:

In Year 4, all we ask is that you try your best – forget the rest!

If there is a problem, just tell us. If we don’t know, then we can’t help. We want you to feel safe while you are with us and we want you to have fun! Let’s enjoy what we are learning and be kind people while we do it.

Zebras Curriculum Map can be downloaded here.

Zebras Topic Plan - The Rainforest can be downloaded here.

Zebras Non Topic Plan - Autumn 2017 can be downloaded here.