‘Foundations for Life’

Alderbury and West Grimstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

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School logbook (West Grimstead)

As with Alderbury School, the Log Book gives a view of life very different from today. In the 1800`s needlework was viewed as the most important skill for girls to learn. Being a church school the rector and his wife visited the school most days. Absenteeism was very high because of the distance children had to walk to school and the lack of adequate wet weather clothing. Also the children spent a lot of time working at home or in the fields, often the reasons given were - harvesting, bird-keeping, potato planting, pig keeping, acorn picking, fruit picking, gleaning and carrying dinners to the hayfields! Illness was commonplace and far more severe than today - scarlet fever, diphtheria, impetigo, measles, mumps, whooping cough and chicken pox: families had to be placed in quarantine. The school was closed on many occasions when the mistress was ill.

1878 Nov. `Admission refused to a girl from Alderbury School who gave a false reason for leaving that school.`

1878 March 7th `Admitted Mary Bundy to the infant class; being under three she is to remain on condition that she does not disturb the school.`

1880 Sept 17th`Mistress had to cane five girls for idleness and inattention to their needlework.`

1891 Aug 7th`Flower show in Longford Park, children given a holiday as they were all going to the Park.`

1897 Feb 5th `Ethelred and George Penney have gone to Alderbury School; their father thinking they need the control of a master.`

1901 Apr 25th `The Managers have dismissed G.G. aged 13 years, for repeated acts of disobedience and general bad conduct and insubordination.`

1902 June 27th `School closed owing to King`s illness.`

1905 March 8th `School Inspection - more cupboard accommodation is needed. A teacher`s desk would also be a great convenience.`

1934 Inspector`s report. `Allowing for the difficult teaching conditions due to the fact that the infants and all the standards occupy a single room, this is a very good Village School.`

1938 Jan 21st: `School milk under Milk Marketing Board. `Milk in schools` scheme commenced this morning`.

1945 Mar 1st `Nurse visited and looked at heads (18 present).`

1947: `Re-open school. Received £1.17s.6d for collection of 150lbs of rose hips.

Compiled by Rosemary Clark, with the help of the "West Grimstead Village History" book.