‘Nurturing lives through Christian Values’

Alderbury and West Grimstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

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Alderbury and West Grimstead Primary School – location and set-up

The School Day

Times of Sessions

Morning 08.55 – 12.00

Lunch  12.00 – 13.00

Afternoon 13.00 – 15.15


There is a fifteen minute morning break. There may be a fifteen minute afternoon break for infants.

Drop-off and Collection

Only staff and disabled drivers are allowed to use the school car park at drop-off and collection times.  The road outside school can become very congested so we ask you to drive and park considerately and to ensure the roads and driveways are accessible to residents and emergency services.  Parents drop their children on the front playground which is accessed by the side gate – teachers meet their class line by the relevant cloakroom door.  The collection arrangements at home time are the same.  If you cannot collect your child for any reason an email or phone call to the school office is necessary as we take the safety of your children very seriously.  Teachers will not release children to adults who are not known as regular collectors, so please ensure we are told if your child is to go home with someone different. Older children can walk home without a parent, but we advise that they walk in groups of friends for safety.

Security and Travel to School

Alderbury and West Grimstead School fully recognises and accepts its responsibilities for Child Protection and Safeguarding and our policy can be read on the school website.  Whilst children are in school, access is restricted to the main door. Visitors are required to report to the office on arrival, where they will be asked to sign the Visitors Book and wear a badge.

Any concerns about the welfare of our children are taken very seriously and should be reported to the Designated Safeguard Leads (Mr Thorpe, Mr Malmberg or Mrs Wilkinson)

Journeys to School and Car-Parking

The school travel plan aims to reduce the use of car journeys and so improve the safety of our children on their journey to school.  Parking along Firs Road is limited and there are additional spaces at the Village Hall. It is helpful if parents consider not ‘double’ parking on Firs Road and near Woodlea Grange as this is the main cause of disruption by road narrowing. Blocking residents driveways is unacceptable and we ask that safety takes precedent over convenience.

Parents will judge the age at which their children travel to school unaccompanied. We remind children from time to time about Road Safety, but children have to have reached a certain level of maturity before they can be relied upon to observe the code. We would remind all parents that the police advise against children walking through the woods unaccompanied.

Some children choose to cycle or scoot o school and this is permitted.  Children are expected to have a safe cycling ability and to wear helmets for their own safety.  We request that bikes and scooters are “pushed in and out” rather than ridden on the school premises.

The Office

The office is normally open Monday – Friday between 8.45am and 3.15pm.

Class Organisation

We currently have 7 classes organised by age. They are known by names of animals.

Early Years Owls (Mrs Tanner)

Year 1  Elephants (Mrs Smith)

Year 2  Penguins (Miss Armstrong)

Year 3  Lemurs (Mrs Pallas)

Year 4  Zebras (Miss Parker)

Year 5 Giraffes (Mr Malmburg)

Year 6 Koalas (Mrs Gill)

The School Year

The details of the school year can be found on the Wiltshire county council website. http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/schoolseducationandlearning/schoolsandcolleges/termsandholidays/schooltermanddatecalendar.htm

Within these dates there will be 5 teacher training days.  Please see the school website newsletters or calendar for up to date information about school dates.