‘Foundations for Life’

Alderbury and West Grimstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

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The National Curriculum

The ‘New National Curriculum 2014’ (Yr 1, 3, 4 and 5 with Yr 2 and 6 joining from Sept 2015) includes national frameworks for English and Maths; other areas of the curriculum are: Science, RE, Computing, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music, PE and PSHCE. Modern Foreign Language teaching also takes place throughout the school.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Some children have Special Educational Needs and extra help may be provided in line with the Revised National Code of Practice. We are supported through arrangements within Wiltshire County Council. Parents will be consulted and kept informed at all stages if their children are thought to need special educational support. Mrs Caroline Wilkinson is our Inclusion Leader responsible for all pupils needing additional support or challenge.

Trips and Residential Visits

We place great value on the social and the many emotional aspects of learning away from school. Each year, Y5 and Y6 spend 3 days away at Braeside in Devizes.  In addition, there are several trips run each year involving children from all classes in the school with children visiting amongst many others the Roman Baths, Hurdcott Estate, Salisbury Cathedral, Hilliers, Moors Valley, Dorchester Egyptian Museum, Waitrose, Stonehenge and Old Sarum.  Trips and visits enable the education of the children to be significantly enriched and are a particular source of enjoyment for children and staff.  On many of the local day visits parents are invited to be involved so sharing in the learning of their children.

Activities undertaken at Braeside

The whole school trip to Moors Valley was enjoyed by all.

Quotes from the children who recently attended Braeside for 3 days included:

‘I enjoyed the orienteering at night time even though it was scary’

‘We did a 6 mile walk and we were all very tired by the end’

‘I enjoyed ‘Braeside’s Got Talent’ because it was a good chance to show off our talents’

‘I really enjoyed the low ropes because it tested our skill and strength’

I loved sleeping at Braeside, it was like a massive sleepover’

In order to fund trips and visits which take place during the school day we ask for voluntary contributions from parents.  We work to keep these costs to a minimum with sufficient notice to enable parents to meet these costs.  For residential visits, charges will be made for the residential centre with additional contributions for transport arrangements.  If you are in receipts of free school means then other sources of funding can be found to enable all children to attend trips of this nature.

Gifted and Talented Learners

The school has developed a policy to ensure that children with particular abilities are helped to realise their potential. Plans for learning, the general ethos of the school and the many extra-curricular activities we offer also stimulate and extend children of high ability. Courses run at Braeside cater for the gifted and talented child and many of our children attend these courses through the year to further stimulate their interests and abilities.

Home Learning

‘Home Learning’ takes a range of forms.  Children are encouraged to read with parental support until they become confident reads.  Children are then encouraged to develop their love of reading by reading regularly at home to consolidate and develop their literacy skills covered within school.  Other activities take several forms including literacy and numeracy activities, games and research.  All activities are designed to consolidate work learnt in class and to help prepare them for life beyond our school.  


The school has a comprehensive suite of wireless laptops which is available for all pupils to use. ICT skills are incorporated across the curriculum and we are committed to teaching e-safety within the climate of new technologies and social media.

Children use a range of resources to research including
books from the school library and the internet.

The Library

We have two well stocked library areas with both fiction and factual books which the children use in school and may borrow to read at home.  Children are encouraged to produce book reviews of books they have read and enjoyed.  In addition, each classroom has a range of fiction books which children can borrow

The library has a range of interesting displays with reading lists and displays which show children books that they might enjoy reading.

The library has seating areas where small groups can work.


Music is strongly encouraged in the school.  Children enjoy their singing and a weekly ‘sing up’ worship is a particular focus for all children.  Peripatetic music teachers visit school during the week to teach piano, guitar, strings, wind, brass and drums. Children in Years 3 to 6 will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of these lessons for which a subsidised charge towards the cost will be made. Other musical opportunities may include: choir, orchestra, wind band, recorder groups and guitar club.

Relationships and Sex Education

We aim to equip the children with knowledge about the human body, human growth and development, sexual identity and self-esteem, personal relationships, family values and parenting, the life cycle, safety and child protection. All this is done within a framework that explores Christian values, moral issues, responsibilities and risks. Parents will be invited to preview material before it is used with their children. If parents wish to exercise their right to withdraw children from relationships and sex education they should notify the Headteacher in writing.